We will make the future of Geumcheon with residents.
Hello, I am Ryu, Sung Hun, the head of Geumcheon-gu.
We sincerely thank you for visiting the homepage of Geumcheon, the city leading the future.
Geumcheon is constantly developing with our residents.
To ‘the dreaming city’ through an bold investment on education, to ‘the real open city’ where each one of residents becomes the owner of the city, to ‘the warm city’ realizing field-based welfare that a neighbor takes care of another neighbor, to ‘the hopeful cit’ leading economic growth by creating jobs and progressing the soaring project, to ‘the safe city’ where people don’t need to worry about disasters and catastrophes, changes and innovation of Geumcheon will continue.
About 1,000 public officials and I will do our embracing a sense of duty as a public official in our minds and hearts.
We will go into the life of our residents through consumer-based administration, field-based administration working in the field and convergent administration passing over partitions between departments.
We will be Geumcheon-gu Office earning love and trust from residents.
We expect that this place will be a place for communication that people can discuss various opinions on the path to make 100 years of hopeful future of Geumcheon.
We will appreciate your interest and participation.
Thank you.