Regional Characteristics

Regional Characteristics
Geographical Conditions
Geographical Conditions imageGeumcheon-gu is situated at the southwest area of Seoul City, neighboring Gwanak-gu to the east, Gwangmyeong city to the west, Anyang city to the south, and Guro-gu to the north.
The region is shaped like a shoe, and Nambusunhwan-ro, which opened in 1978, borders the east and the west between Guro-gu and Gyeongbu Expressway borders the north and the south between Gwanak-gu and Anyangcheon and Gwangmyeong city. Gangnam City Belt Way connected to the Gangnam area is opened and New Ansan Line will be opened.
Also, Siheung-daero will penetrate the center of Geumcheon-gu and will be connected to No. 1 highway of Gyeongsu Highway and Seohaean Expressway while Seobu Expressway plays the role of connecting path at the Siheung Bridge. The area is near the KTX Gwangmyeong Station (Gwangmyeong city in Gyeonggi-do), providing the transportation hub in southwestern Seoul.
Local Economy
Geumcheon-gu BI imageGeumcheon-gu is the most representative industrial area of Seoul, and is situated in Nos 2 and 3 complexes of Korea’s first industrial complex (currently called Seoul Digital Industrial Complex) completed in 1965 in accordance with Korea’s Five-Year Plans for economic development. About 6,500 manufacturing companies are nestled here, and it is growing to be a must-go-to shopping place with many clothing discount stores. To foster the advanced high value-added industry, the development of fashion design industry (No. 2 Complex) and IT industry (No. 3 Complex) are being pursued.
Urban Environment
Geumcheon-gu Character image The whole area of Geumcheon-gu was developed as part of a large-scale city planning of Doksan and Siheung area in the early 1970s to secure a residential area after building Seoul Digital Industrial Complex. The land was subsequently divided into residential areas in the east and industrial areas in the west.
The plan to develop as a sustainable city is being accelerated by applying various city plans to enable calculated development centering on living areas to promote balanced regional development. For example, certain areas around the main artery such as a central area of the district are designated as an industrial area to increase efficiency of land utilization.
Particularly, the military camp located on the central part of the city was transferred and a complex mini new town is being built here. As the large scale city development project such as development of a subway adjacent area connected with New Ansan Line which will be opened later is being progressed, it is expected that Geumcheon-gu will be Gateway City.