Geumcheon-gu Logo imageThe image of Shining Geumcheon was incorporated into a full-blown flower. The green color represents Eco-friendly while the blue color means High-tech Industry, expressing the bright future and development of Geumcheon-gu.
Geumcheon BI (City Brand)
Geumcheon-gu BI imageThe word logo is the typical visual symbol to express the roles and vision of the city brand of Geumcheon-gu and is the key element to establish the identity. In order to emphasize the distinctive Hangul word of ‘눈부신’ (shining), the calligraphy design was used to directly express the dynamics of the power. The light and energy powerfully stretching out from the center express the ‘driving force and vitality’ of Geumcheon-gu which takes a step forward into the developed future, and the harmonious soft curves suggest the growing vision of Geumcheon-gu as ‘a salubrious and happy city’ with its human-oriented high-tech industry and emotion-oriented fashion industry.
Geumcheon-gu Character imageInspired by the future and love, a robot fairy is created to lead the high-tech and fashion industries, yet to represent the friendly and soft expressions with a vibrant image of love and future development.
Bird (Magpie)
Geumcheon-gu Bird imageInhabiting our lives throughout the nation’s history, the magpie has been a sign of good fortune, and is believed to bring a pleasant guest when singing at the doorstep in the morning. Many magpies inhabited the area before Geumcheon-gu was developed.
Tree (Ginkgo Tree)
Geumcheon-gu Tree imageGinkgo trees are highly resistant to pollution and live a long life. Particularly in Geumcheon-gu, there are three ginkgo trees over 800 years old, which gave the town its name of “Ginkgo Tree Village.”
Flower (Azaleas)
Geumcheon-gu Character imageAzaleas are strong against storms and the cold, blossom vivid pink flowers in the spring, and are enjoyed by many people. There are a lot of azaleas around the famous Tiger Rock in Geumcheon-gu, providing beautiful scenery in spring.