Cultural Events

Cultural Events
Geumcheon Cherry Blossom Festival
Geumcheon Cherry Blossom Festival ImageEvery April, Geumcheon-gu holds the Geumcheon Cherry Blossom Festival on Cherry Blossom Road.
Falling cherry blossoms in the breeze, the scent, and the time you spend with your family create unforgettable memories. Various opening events and other events on the stage set up next to the Geumcheon-gu Office offer more fun.
There will be a variety of events including a singing contest, performance by musicians, fireworks, food market, walking contest, etc.
Geumcheon Residents Day Festival
Geumcheon Residents Day Festival ImageAround Oct. 15 every year, Geumcheon-gu hosts the Geumcheon Residents Day Festival.
It offers various cultural sports events and colorful attractions to strengthen solidarity between residents, to have fun, and to expand the lively local culture.